Environomics... Who We Are

We are indoor environmental health specialists. Environomics was born from the vision and enthusiasm that the founders Helen Murphy and Karen Herford had after completing their Building Biology course. Environomics has been a Melbourne based consultancy business since 2007, however Helen and Karen travel throughout Australia when the need arises.

Your Consultants

Karen Herford

Karen Edwards

Karen Herford has had over twenty years of experience in health and wellbeing. This evolved into an extensive study of the human body and the impact the indoor environment has on the quality of our lives.

Karen has also been a practitioner and lecturer in Natural Therapies for over a decade and a half. This is where her realisation of the need for a more broadminded view of holistic health was needed to heal and sustain the body and mind.

She has studied the most comprehensive Building Biology course offered in Australia at The Australian College of Environmental Studies. Building Biology deals with issues associated with “Sick Building Syndrome”. Additionally, Karen is also an OHS Cert 4 officer.

Karen comes with a passion for constructive improvement of both the individual and environmental health.

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Helen Murphy

Helen Murphy

Helen Murphy is also one of a handful of fully qualified Building Biologists trained in Australia. She has studied and practised numerous facets of natural health for over 30 years.

After being told that particular personal health conditions could not be healed, Helen undertook a journey of discovery to find out if in fact she could improve and perhaps even cure herself. She went down many avenues of learning and completed much exhaustive research. Helen’s tenacity paid off as she did in fact cure herself. It is this determination to heal the body that led her into this field, looking into every mitigating factor to provide optimum conditions for good health.

Helen’s vast array of knowledge and commitment to total body health has been instrumental in making her a leader in her field.

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"As a Natural Fertility Specialist, I often refer my pre-conception clients to get a fertility check from Environomics to ensure they minimise any environmental risks. I get very positive feedback from my clients about their service. They also checked out my clinic and advised how to best minimise the negative impact of a telephone exchange across the road. Helen and Karen operate a very professional service in this unique and increasingly more relevant field for todays society."

Doreen Schwegler
All Degrees of Health

  • EMR harms plants
  • Scientists concluded that plants are badly affected by Electromagnetic radiation. Adverse biochemical and physiological changes were recorded and the implications are far reaching.