Mould & Dampness Assessments

mould-01Environomics will test for relative humidity in comparison to room temperature to ascertain room moisture content within each room to determine if the levels are at an optimum level to discourage mould growth.

A full survey of surface moisture is completed to ascertain any penetrations of dampness or water sources coming into the building. These can then be mapped, traced and addressed. Mould as well as bacterial surface testing is available with results within 24 hours.

mould-02Mould & Dampness Assessments $180 first hour, $150 subsequent hours*

* Plus additional fees for testing depending upon what is required.

Clients who have particular concerns may want to have Environomics advise them in their area/s of individual concern (minimum 1 hour). Clients further than 30Km from CBD may incur additional travel time fees. Commercial premises please use our contact page for a price tailored to size.

Need More Information?

To learn how Environomics can help you or for more information on a mould assessment, please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible. General Enquiry Page



"As a Natural Fertility Specialist, I often refer my pre-conception clients to get a fertility check from Environomics to ensure they minimise any environmental risks. I get very positive feedback from my clients about their service. They also checked out my clinic and advised how to best minimise the negative impact of a telephone exchange across the road. Helen and Karen operate a very professional service in this unique and increasingly more relevant field for todays society."

Doreen Schwegler
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