"Tasered" by Smart Meter

 Andrew (not his real name) did not know why his wife was so concerned about the upcoming Smart Meter installation. He couldn’t see how it could cause any major issues. He found out immediately that it had been installed. He did not know that the installation had occurred but as soon as he walked into the house he a couple of sharp electric like jolts to his extremities. Even worse that night he woke up screaming as he felt a severe jolt pass through his chest that he described as what it must be like to have a taser gun hit you - this has now occurred quite a few times! Not only is this sensation very uncomfortable but it also appears that the Smart Meter is dramatically interfering with his sleep patterns. He also finds that his usually very clear and precise mind is now quite foggy at times and jumbles things up. Andrew and his wife are renovating their home to sell so they can move interstate and build a home off the grid. Now Andrew is very keen to get this process happening as quickly as possible to get away from the Smart Meter.



"As a Natural Fertility Specialist, I often refer my pre-conception clients to get a fertility check from Environomics to ensure they minimise any environmental risks. I get very positive feedback from my clients about their service. They also checked out my clinic and advised how to best minimise the negative impact of a telephone exchange across the road. Helen and Karen operate a very professional service in this unique and increasingly more relevant field for todays society."

Doreen Schwegler
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  • EMR harms plants
  • Scientists concluded that plants are badly affected by Electromagnetic radiation. Adverse biochemical and physiological changes were recorded and the implications are far reaching.