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Is your living environment making you sick?

Many factors in your living environment can cause you many types of health issues. The factors and the issues are many and wide ranging, however listed below is an indication of some of the more common situations.

Do you ever suffer from

Common Sources 

Understanding the Environment

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"As a Natural Fertility Specialist, I often refer my pre-conception clients to get a fertility check from Environomics to ensure they minimise any environmental risks. I get very positive feedback from my clients about their service. They also checked out my clinic and advised how to best minimise the negative impact of a telephone exchange across the road. Helen and Karen operate a very professional service in this unique and increasingly more relevant field for todays society."

Doreen Schwegler
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  • EMR harms plants
  • Scientists concluded that plants are badly affected by Electromagnetic radiation. Adverse biochemical and physiological changes were recorded and the implications are far reaching.