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Environomics detects and alerts you to the invisible hazards within your environment that may severely impact upon health – whether that be yours, your loved ones (including your furry friends!), your colleagues or anyone else within that same space. We offer detection testing in these areas;

Our Packages Include


One with “the lot”! $825

This is for clients, who want peace of mind that their major indoor environmental issues have been identified, analysed and solutions offered. The whole home/small business will be checked and a detailed report provided. Read more: One with “the lot”


Electromagnetics Unplugged $360

If Electromagnetic hazards are a concern, this package gives a detailed investigation into the issues.

Read More: Electromagnetics Unplugged


Infertility Sweep $455

Problems becoming parents? Have your home checked for major causes of EMR, chemicals and water to enhance your chances of hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet.

Read More: Infertility Sweep


Pre-Purchase or Lease Sweep from $180

A little forward knowledge and planning can save a lot of possible health issues later. This sweep is designed for clients contemplating buying or leasing a new home or office.

Read More: Pre-Purchase or Lease Sweep

Each consultation includes:

For any service requiring measurements, Environomics provides an environmental guidelines fact sheet with recommended levels and then a table with your actual recordings on the day. Environomics offers a range of remediation options where possible or referral services if necessary.

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For more information on a solution for your needs, or to learn how we can help you, please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible. General Enquiry Page



"As a Natural Fertility Specialist, I often refer my pre-conception clients to get a fertility check from Environomics to ensure they minimise any environmental risks. I get very positive feedback from my clients about their service. They also checked out my clinic and advised how to best minimise the negative impact of a telephone exchange across the road. Helen and Karen operate a very professional service in this unique and increasingly more relevant field for todays society."

Doreen Schwegler
All Degrees of Health

  • EMR harms plants
  • Scientists concluded that plants are badly affected by Electromagnetic radiation. Adverse biochemical and physiological changes were recorded and the implications are far reaching.